True to Yourself -Are you on your Life Path?

true to yourselfHave you ever wondered whether you are true to yourself and your True Life’s Path? Are perhaps you are already on the chosen Life’s Path?

You first have to know that your true path has already been decided on, but chances are, you have still not uncovered. It is for you to rediscover your true path by focusing on your insight, your beliefs, your urges and your passions to be able to live a satisfactory and adequate life.

This article will benefit you in showing whether you are true to yourself and the ways to find your true life path and how to go about pursuing it.

What Is Your True Life Path?true to yourself

  • Your life isn’t just about involvement in a spiritual practice; your body is spiritual, but the life you are experiencing on Earth is more physical than spiritual.
  • What will be your experience? Are you going to stay true to yourself by fulfilling your feelings, desires and life work, intensifying your spiritual awareness, understanding how to respect yourself and your body, improving your talents and contributing your exceptional ability to the world?
  • Your life’s path is exclusively prearranged for you and you alone.
  • Your “path” is made up of persons, situations and circumstances that no one can select or manage but you. You can never judge other people for any of their action, since their “path” is unique for them, just like yours for you.

How to know whether you Stay True to Yourself?true to yourself

  • It’s only by practice you get to know the virtues and vices of the path you are on. Keep probing you by asking yourself what feels right and what feels wrong. Is doing that work making you feel satisfied and confident, or annoyed with worry?
  • If you have questions about your relationship or career, take time to meditate on the issue. Examine whether you’re making the right decision, and in an unsure situation, look for some direction. Take breaths in and out, and sit silent and still in a tranquil place and listen to the rhythm of your body and mind without interruption—meditate for 20-30 minutes.
  • What are your desires in life? Is it to start a business of your own and make it a success, or to enjoy a cruise? Meditate on the feelings associated with certain jobs/ businesses or lifestyle. What moods do they induce for you?

How to identify and react to the ‘Nudge’true to yourself

  • Whenever you go through a ‘nudge’—an experience, the fascination or thought that continues to pop up for you—this may mean that you have deviated slightly off your true life’s path, and that you are following the direction shown by the world.
  • Pay attention and act in response to those nudges. Keep watching for things that never feel quite right, or chains of repetition (certain places or things) that keep showing up. That’s a hint that you should get things moving up again, plus focus on anything specific that you have been neglecting!

Find pleasure in Doing the Dishes (and Every Other Moment)true to yourself

  • Discover your real joy in life by engaging in the little things of your day— responding to emails, cleaning, or doing the dishes, driving home…
  • It’s mostly under your control, regardless of whether you adhere to your true life’s path or not.
  • Make improvements to your thoughts by declaring positive affirmations every day, such as “I am on my life’s path, and find joy in every moment of it!”

A Few concluding Words…

When you focus your attention, specify your objectives and remain true to yourself in an optimistic frame of mind you will figure out the ways to find your true life path. Your life will be simple to pursue and you will live without regrets. You will earn the amount of money you need by doing what you enjoy and live a life of encouragement as well as gratification in the process.


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