Stressors in Workplace –10 Ways to Beat

There is no occupation or business, regardless of how perfect it may possibly be, that doesn’t come without any small hitches or malfunctions. It is revealed, in a study, that about 40 percent of the employees, more women than men, are suffering from work related stress.

Right here are 10 inventive ways to solve your major job stressors and tide over the occupational ill health and find back your optimum energy level, so that you’re as productive, creative and industrious as you used to be.

  1. Workplace Stressors – Healthy Refreshments

  • Eat healthy, non-processed food, preferably homemade or brought from home.
  • Pay personal attention to your food selection. Whole grain bread, unsalted seeds/nuts, cheese, vegetables and fresh fruits are always good.
  • Avoid eating more than you need.
  • Shun vending machines and company food.
  • Concentrate on protein and fiber.
  1. Midday Meditation – Good way to Beat Stressors

  • Never try to skip your lunch. More than the lunch, you need the break which brings harmony and peace and reduces the tension level.Workplace Stressors
  • Find yourself a place to sit still and alone and meditate for a little while.
  • Close your eyes and breathe in and out-continue to be breath conscious.
  • Visualize being in a beautiful scenic place with warm sun and cool breeze.
  • Relax and fill yourself with a serene peace and energize for the rest of the day.
  1. Affirmations for Stressors

  • “I enjoy and live by every moment of my life. This minute, though a tiny drop in my career and life, teaches me a lesson which I enjoy learning and will upsurge.”
  • “I have full confidence in my capability and am an expert in my profession. I am quite aware of my capacity, so are my colleague and chief.”
  • “I will go the extra mile on each assignment I take on, I am being paid for it.”
  1. Keep Check on Your Overtime

  • Indiscreet overtime works adversely affect your occupational health.
  • It’s a bad tactic to stay beyond working hours to impress your boss and an easy way to land in stress.
  • Situations may demand overtime, but it has to be prioritized.
  • Working overtime to meet a deadline is perfectly alright, but staying late, for a task which can easily wait till tomorrow, should be avoided.
  1. Always be an Ardent List MakerWorkplace Stressors

  • Having ready a “to do” list for the day is an easy way of keeping free from stress.
  • Prepare the daily list and keep it in a conspicuous place—on your desk or briefcase.
  • Write down the advantages/disadvantages of every task on hand.
  • Always have a weekly planner for the jobs you are responsible for.
  • Strike off the works successfully completed.
  • Take pride in your accomplishment.
  1. Shun Office Gossip and the people who spread

  • Gossip is immoral, whatever way you try to justify it. Mushrooming hateful, or mischievous buzzes will not only hurt the subject of the gossip, it lowers your reputation as well.
  • Gossip-mongers may even be liable for termination of employment. Therefore, avoid the chatter around the lunch room.
  • Try to impress your boss and fellow workers that you are a likable person of positive attitude. Leave the chatter to others.
  • Trapped in a table tale session you can’t escape? Try to change the focus of the people around by diverting their attention to some other trending news.
  1. Have Regular Savings and feel Secured

  • The biggest of workplace stressors, as found in many surveys, is working under the threat of being laid off unexpectedly.
  • Your aim should be to have a bank balance or investment equaling at least three months average earnings, although six months is the general recommendation.
  • Savings is a thrilling and habit forming experience which grows stronger as your bank balance surges.
  • When you know you have enough money on demand, you feel secure and keep your anxiety away. Be confident and continue focusing on the great performance at work, and enjoy having an ever growing savings account.
  1. Keep Conscious of Deep Breathing All through Your Day

  • Deep breathing circulates endorphin a natural pain killer, all over the body.
  • When deep breathing, the diaphragm moves up and down and helps get rid of toxins and ensures healthier blood flow.Workplace Stressors
  • Oxygen, as you know, supplies energy, which means we achieve an increased energy level, brain function, job performance and food choice by deep breathing.
  • Take time to do breathing exercise whenever possible and stay composed in any demanding or stressful circumstances.
  1. Choose the hardest Task First and do it perfectly

  • Workload and deadlines are a major cause of job related stress.
  • Select the most difficult and time consuming assignment first and have it done to the satisfaction of your boss. Do just opposite of a procrastinator.
  • Your ability to knock down the tougher jobs quick and easy elevates your confidence level and leaves you relaxed and free for the easier ones.
  1. Envision a Stressors-free Day in Office (and make it a habit!)

  • Concentrate and picture beautiful images which make you cheerful—your favorite childhood resort, or strolling outdoors in scenic and serene nature.
  • Visualizations take you to your “happy place” and relieve tension and stress. Learn the different stages of visualization and how to get there.
  • Keep your eyes closed, take a deep breath in and out, and envision the scenes, sounds and fragrances of your “happy place.” Feel light and relaxed. Enjoy every moment.

A Few Last Words…

It’s all about working smarter rather than harder. Whether you need to get the best out of your work day or cut back the volume of work you have on your plate, stop worrying. Relax and plan, create an operational to-do list, and execute the task methodically. Take time to do breathing exercises and adopt the visualization technique and be sure to solve your major workplace stressors and have a peaceful work place life.


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