Live Without Regrets – 3 Easy Ways

live without regretsIt is quite possible that you are living your life regretting a number of things you did or failed to do, or didn’t have the guts to do. But such a life of regrets are certainly going to pull you down. It’s pretty natural, like all things in life, that you committed a few avoidable mistakes or didn’t take advantage of circumstances for fear of failure or thought it was not worth the risk. The following points will serve as good ways to live without regrets and at the same time the best way possible!

Live Without Regrets -What Does It Mean to Regret?

  • You are remorseful for certain things you failed to do or didn’t have the courage to do and spending your precious life wishing you without regrets
  • You are sorrowful about how you hurt a person’s heart or mistreated his/her trust. May be you are lamenting on any of the following: unfaithful to someone, not giving a second thought to a love, not utilizing a rare and exceptional career opportunity to your full advantage, or permitting a person or an incident to hold you back, as though you were frightened and frozen from the unfavorable results.

How to Tide Over Emotional Pain

  • Control is the key. Focus on what can you control at this point in time and what you can’t. Your health, an action of a boy or girl friend, your job security, how much you are able to save on a weekly basis, an ideal dinner— think about what is  in your control, what isn’ without regrets
  • Highlight your awareness on what you can have full control—your thoughts!
  • Go with this affirmation to remove the scars and proceed with your life after somebody has harmed you: “We have enjoyed some great days, and I don’t hold on to the painful moments any more. I’ve learned my vital lessons and you’ve been a crucial teacher in my life, and now it’s time to forget and let go. My best wishes to you.”
  • Reorganize certain things in your life—concentrate on doing something outside the tradition of your everyday life. In case you visit the same supermarket on alternate days, look for another one. Choose an alternative workout program designed to rejuvenate you, or try to become a vegetarian, if you have had that in your thoughts, but have had your own doubts whether you could really do it!

Ways to Seize the Day

  • Sing your favorite melody in the bathtub, and carry on while you drive! Singing your heart out is the best way to get released from any form of negative feeling you’re coping with. Singing gives you the best healing touch at the start of your day. Singing and laughing brings you a joyful, can-do mindset throughout the day!live without regrets
  • Dress to make a lasting impression. Focus on your attire. Try to look as great as you possibly can—then take it up a step further! Get a new hair style, buy a new suit for your office wear, and walk with poise and assurance.
  • Do something you thought was impossible for you. Visualize a scary, out of bounds situation and enjoy the experience of passing through it. Accept a challenging job with a steep learning curve, stiff target and deadline, or stop smoking just to observe the progress in your health and energy level.

A Few Last Words…

Sorrow or regret is common, but once you are in a position to think about unique and superior tactics to modify your thought process, your behavior and routines, you can totally eliminate the worry and anxiety. Take advantage of these ways to live without regrets, feel energized, build self-assurance and bravely design your own lifestyle!

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