How to Find Inner Peace in 15 steps

How to Find Inner Peace in 15 stepsAre you a person who always thinks “I am not at peace with myself”?

If so,the chief reason why you feel out of place in this world is that you are unable to keep peace with your own self.  Why not revisit your mindset, and bring about a sea change in your life and be able to transform your appearance, awareness and thought process?

Learn here how to find inner peace in 15 steps and be at peace with yourself  like you were never before.

  1. Do You Eat Junk Food?

  • Processed foods, as revealed by studies, are rich in sugar and carbohydrate, which ruin your health in the long run, resulting in sugar crash and emotional deflation.
  • Eat plenty of nuts, berries, water and lean proteins which are rich in nutrition and boost your energy level. Focus on complex carbs too.
  1. How to Find Inner Peace -Learn from the Mistakes of the Past

  • You are living on your memories of yesterday, worrying over the mistakes of the past. You are not living your life in the present.
  • Accept the things of the past and your blunders, though it’s your mistake. Let go the past. Think about the future and resolve to do things differently.How to Find Inner Peace in 15 steps
  • Hurt by someone? Don’t keep worrying over, but take courage to accept it and move on. Holding on to the pain of the past will only affect your happiness of today—not of the one who caused it.
  1. Do You Worry and Fear Things Will Never Change?

  • Be it the stress of your office, your emotions or circumstances– nothing will last forever. They vanish with time.
  • Time heals everything—it may be painful right now, but realize and remember, it is not going to be this way forever. You will go through this moment which will pass, just like any other moment!
  1. Have a Self-Care Routine in place

  • Take care of yourself first, only then you will be in a position to take care of others.
  • Your main focus of the morning—what can you do to sustain yourself?
  • Taking plenty of water, relaxing in silence, enjoying a meditation session, taking a nutritious breakfast, taking some time to plan & set goals and reflecting are all awesome ways to take care of yourself!


  1. Don’t  Worry about What Others Think

  • It is pointless to worry about what others think and do. Has it anything to do with you?
  • Focus not on the path and lifestyle of anyone else but only yours, in order to optimize your own happiness. Do what you love, and never allow what others say to bother you.

 6)  Move out of Your Comfort Zone

  • Make it a point to do something or some activity, on a daily basis, that scares you (just a little bit!)
  • Try various new things-a new activity, camping outdoor, trekking, mountaineering and things like that. You may explore a new career option which excites you as well.
  1. Do You have an Overload of Work?How to Find Inner Peace in 15 steps

  • Too much of work for too little wages is an important reason for stress, depression, and feeling bogged down in general.
  • An acceptable working condition, decent work schedule and two or at least one day weekly off–these are essential to keep you reasonably comfortable, happy and peaceful.
  1. Do You Go Outdoors or Exercise?

  • Outdoor activities are the best way to boost your inner peace. Engage yourself with walking, jogging, trekking, mountaineering sailing, kayaking—anything that takes you out into nature.
  • Enjoy the sounds, sights and smells, of nature, and have your drive and momentum restored and zest of life brought back.
  1. Don’t Spend Much Time on Reality TV

  • Reality TV shows are largely negative- gossip, foul language and catcalling. This doesn’t just attract a negative mindset into your life; it can impact your thoughts in similar ways.
  • Turn your TV off, at least a few hours before you go to bed, and restrict your time for TV to a maximum of two hours a day. Replace the time saved with outdoor activities or just reading.
  1. Looking For Perfection in You and Others?How to Find Inner Peace in 15 steps

  • Trying to find perfection is setting up your own failure—it makes it all difficult to enjoy the current moment, and takes away the opportunities or your potential to take advantage of them.
  • Highlight and make use of the good in people, places and things. Let things happen their own way.
  1. Be Able to Forgive Yourself

  • Compassion leads to forgiveness. Reconciliation makes forgiveness possible. You can reconcile with anyone when you first reconcile with yourself.
  • Take good care of yourself, make use of your ability to handle the little issues first and then go for bigger goals. Keep in good terms with your family and friends and enjoy their company.
  • Define and set goals for the issues you cannot control. Take time to grieve, if necessary, be thankful for things you are able to manage and leave the rest to time.
  1. Looking for Love, But can’t Find It?

  • Being single when you actually want to be in a relationship can be frustrating—but have hope things could change all around in no time!
  • When you are looking forward to a relationship, seize control! Allow yourself romantic thoughts, and you will start attracting love into your life.
  1. Taking Things Personally?How to Find Inner Peace in 15 steps

  • Other than what comes from you, nothing is personal.
  • For instance, if you are rejected by a publisher, it is not about you, it’s about the publisher and so is getting dumped by a lover and the same when you are blamed by your boss—it is all about their expectations, requirements, etc. …
  • Focus your attention on what really is personal—do anything that you ought to do to keep yourself satisfied with people, issues and the way you are, and forget about the rest.
  1. Taking all the Blame on Yourself?

  • Dissatisfaction in yourself is the main reason for taking all the blame on yourself—so why do it?
  • Concentrate on the issues you are able to control, for example, your health and your ability to meet work deadlines, and focus on what you can genuinely achieve. Leave the rest to time.
  1. Take Action on Things you Can Control

  • Focus on things you can take action, but you haven’t.
  • Don’t stay stuck and let the world overtake you. Set goals, however small it may be, take action and achieve one at a time and then start aiming at larger goals.

A Few Concluding Words…

When you ponder over the question how to find inner peace or why you are not at peace with yourself, the conclusion is this: Inner peace is indispensable for a joyful, satisfied life. Regardless of whether you want to turn out to be more established in your life, achieve better results or stay away from all blame games within your head, these 15 ideas will certainly get you there. Apply them on a regular basis, and dedicate to positive thinking and self-affirming thoughts.