Habits of Happy People

Habits of Happy PeopleHappiness relates to the feelings of delight, amazement and gratification from your inner self, therefore ignore joys from outside and focus your attention on what’s inside for eternal happiness. Concentrate on your ability to become more content and happy in life than you ever dreamed you could be and love and delight in your life to the maximum! Here are 10 habits of happy people.

  1. This Particular Minute Is All You Have

  • Avoid all thoughts and concerns about the past, or fearing about the future—think about today, and only today.
  • You have no control over what’s going to happen a few hours from now—delight in the tiny things of your day like drinking a good cup of tea, speaking with your loved ones, and going through your daily schedule without hassles.
  • This moment is just where the happiness actually is—how joyful you’re going to be in that single moment is all up to you!
  1. Habits of Happy People – Be Thankful for every Minute

  • If ‘enjoying the moment’ is difficult for you, think about what this moment signifies–your good health, a good place to live in, a feel of your sanctity, a fascinating opportunity to hope for …be thankful for all.Habits of Happy People
  • Offer your gratitude for each minute—that will draw in a lot more great things in the future!
  1. Identify and Focus on Your “Happy Place”

  • The amazing beach resort, a peaceful home, a live performance conducted by your most loved music group—choose your special ‘happy place’ and divert your energy and attitude towards an element that enables you to feel well!
  • Your “happy place” is your unique choice—a man or woman, destination or factor that enhances your self-belief and confidence in yourself.
  • Imagine being in your happy place, and accept the whole thing it gives you. Say this affirmation and repeat all through your day, “I carry love, harmony and forgiveness alongside me all over the place I go.”
  1. Bear in mind That You Can’t Control Much—Other Than Your Thoughts

  • You have no control on what others do—never attach yourself to what others can or can’t offer you, as only you can provide yourself joy.
  • Manage your mind with positive affirmations and meditations. “I can make the ideal world for myself as I see fit, and it looks like this …”
  1. Get Energized Like a Baby DoesHabits of Happy People

  • Life is too challenging in these modern times? Go down on the floor, and imitate what a child talks about and the way he or she looks at our world.
  • Make fun of the things like kids do, and be absurd just for the sake of it
  • Do this: Lie down in the garden on your back, and look up at the trees and heavens and enjoy how funny the world looks from this position!
  1. Engage Your Dog on a Walk (and for a change Let Him Lead!)

  • Dogs can be your mood changer. If you are a dog lover and have one, it is not a bad idea to take him/her for a walk and let this time be the dog’s turn to lead you. Enjoy the adventure.
  • Trail wherever the dog goes, and note what all the dog does, the flowers the dog loves, the hill he/she climbs and if you can, take a couple of pictures. Experience a real escape from your monotony.
  1. Contribute Your Time for a friend or a Cause

  • Devoting your time to and helping others bring you instant happiness.
  • Throw in your contribution to a cause you adore—smile, and become familiar with the folks you’re lending a hand. Inquire about their lives and issues, if any; let them know you care for them.
  • Take pride in being able to make a difference in somebody’s life, and put together a monthly commitment or whatever you are able to carve out from your schedule.
  • Repeat this statement: “I create a transformation in the lives of people I come into contact with, and they make a difference in mine.”
  1. Finger Paint an instinctive art

  • Paint with your hands, particularly fingers, alone.Habits of Happy People
  • Come out with your instincts, and rely on the practice of finger painting. Feel free and communicate your mind through a combination of a perfect variety of colors!
  • Feel totally free and observe no “rules” for coloring. Just spontaneously glide your fingers into the paint, and draw as you please.
  1. Write Your Heart Out

  • Worried and stressed out? If it’s because of a certain individual (a tough boss, indifferent boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.) Pen down a mock letter (which you will not be sending).
  • Note down spontaneously, with no hesitations about what you have to say.
  • Don’t change or edit the content—the very act of writing can be a fantastic way to eliminate harmful thoughts that thwart happiness.
  • Once the letter is fully written, read it out loud and then destroy.
  1. Learn your Family HistoryHabits of Happy People

  • Dig into your family history with the help of elders in your family. Your grandparent of or uncle/ aunt should be able to recall memories of early life or enthralling phases of history.
  • Learn about your family origin, and what viewpoint the senior family constituents have about stuffs you never got to experience yourself. This is a super way to study about them, yourself and the world.
  • Acquire a new viewpoint by taking note of their accounts, and increase your own delight and gratitude.

A Few Last Words…

Happiness is all about the spirit and mood you produce within. Take a cue from the habits of happy people enumerated above and focus on catching up with kinsfolk & relatives, giving back to your society and taking the time to have a child’s viewpoint. Once you do, you’re sure to see that you hold the control over your own happiness!