Getting Rich -10 Reasons for Failure

getting richIf you have not achieved your financial freedom yet, you would agree, there must be some valid reasons. Well, not a few reasons, but at least 10 reasons why you are not getting rich.

All these reasons are directly related to your thought process. You are mostly what you think you are. Thoughts create action and both thoughts and actions are complimentary.

Positive thoughts lead to positive action and negative thoughts bring up bad results. If you think you are poor you will end up being poor.

The following are the 10 mistakes that are coming in the way of your getting rich.

  1. Your Thoughts are on Poverty not Plenty

  • If your thoughts are on what you don’t possess you will end up in poverty, the basic rule for getting rich is positive thinking.
  • Visualize you are already rich enough. Think about the family and friends who care for you, your awesome health, innovative brain, sufficient money to meet your expenses, etc.
  • Dream of financial, emotional and spiritual abundance and you will start seeing them in your real life.
  1. Not Getting Rich because You Have No Self-Belief/Esteem

  • What could be your thoughts with money- negative? The Reason Why?
  • Focus on thinking that you deserve to be a millionaire, and imagine what that would feel like.
  • If it is hard to do, attempt these: Imagine as if you finished a task that blew your employer away. Visualize yourself as an experienced, proud, accomplished and gifted person. Be immersed on those emotions for a couple of times, and after that imagine constantly experiencing this way.
  1. You Always Feel Shattered, Broke and Pennilessgetting rich

  • Write out imaginary checks to all your creditors, credit card companies, banks and individuals and imagine having posted/ hand delivered all of them.
  • Draft a fictional letter of thanks to all whom you owed money thanking them for their timely help and saying goodbye.
  • Paste a sticker on your dressing table mirror reading “I have no past due or even current due. I am debt free”
  • Never allow the thoughts of bankruptcy gloom you nor allow others suspect you are broke.
  1. You Never Take Risk

  • Execute your plans one at a time. Never resort to your Plan -2 or B until you have exhausted all your acumen on your primary plan.
  • Think differently and always look for new possibilities on the way to your getting rich.
  • Are you fond of your comfort zone? No you can’t afford to be if you want to perform. The sooner you come out of your cozy, dreamy precinct and start enjoying hard work the better.
  • If you have issues of doubt and inexperience or through a learning curve, it always pays to take the help of a mentor.
  1. You Don’t Think Differently, Unconventionally & Outside the Box

  • You always achieve constant and identical result when you don’t think differently and in your own way.
  • Contrary and inverse thinking, which leads to exceptional success.
  • Explore all possibilities of marketing your innovative thoughts to ensure monetization to its full potential, be it online or offline.
  • Employ a single minded approach to the ideas you conceived, put into action.
  1. You prefer to be a Follower, Not a Leader

  • Be not an admirer, but the admired. Try to create a brand for yourself.
  • You need to be a forerunner, trend setter and a pioneer and what you do should be all new.
  • End the Rate Race and shape your own path and destiny. Evolve a never before orbit and track.
  1. You always tend to Match Yourself with Others

  • Never ever forget that you are a unique person. Your talents are exceptional and so are your path to success. Let your time not be wasted by making comparison with someone else’s style.
  • Let your emphasis and concentration be on the success you have tasted and the results you have achieved along the way. Let the thoughts of glorious days ahead motivate your financial progress.
  1. You have allowed yourself to be a Victimgetting rich

  • Accept the reality and own responsibility. Admit the real fact that your own negative approach and lack of effort have contributed to your not getting rich and financial difficulties. Think differently and cause changes happen.
  • Have a short term as well as long term goals. Achieve smaller results which in turn will boost your confidence to realize greater dreams.
  1. You Didn’t Have the Killer Instinct to See Through Your Goals

  • Did you lose the drive or thrust half way through? Did you stay delighted and complacent on your smaller success on the way? Let there be no distraction or deviation until your dreams come true.
  • Write down and schedule your weekly, monthly and annual plans. Put in planned effort and achieve your set objectives methodically.
  1. You Have Exclusive and Distinctive Talents, But no Self- Belief

  • Make out a list of your amazing and unique characteristics and individuality and post it in a visible place. Read and re-read it as often as possible.
  • Let your self-belief and poise be the motivating factor in loving what you do and accepting higher responsibility and eventually paving way for living the life you dreamed of with finance flowing from different streams.

A Few Last Words

To summarize, if your confidence level is low, you feel like you just don’t have what it takes to plan, start and run a business with possible help from prospective investors, banks and financial institution and set goals that you’ll follow through with, in order to make it a sky-high success, how do you expect to be getting rich beyond measure?

Stop the worry, anxiety and fear thinking why you are not getting rich and instead, think of yourself as a rich and successful person, and you will be.

Watch this video for points on how to make yourself rich.

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