Forgive and Forget – Is it Possible?

forgive and forgetAlthough you will possibly not forget the agony that a person or an incident has brought you, it is practically possible to forgive. Tolerance and compassion are important for your own personal progress and development as a human being, and also beneficial to the one who harmed you. Before we examine whether it is possible to forgive and forget let us first find out what forgiveness actually means, and how to discover your ability to forgive, to make sure you bring more joy into your life.

What we mean forgive and forget?

  • Forgiveness is your gifted skill to totally endure a person’s bad behavior; to release the fury, bitterness, and hatred; to bid farewell to thoughts of negativism and welcome the easier and more joyful lifestyle.

Determine Your Intention for Those Who Hurt Youforgive and forget

  • A lot of people waste decades, retaining the wounds and aches of yesteryear, and looking for retaliation over whoever has harmed them, deceived them or despised them.
  • Have a positive emphasis on your intention—setting apart the agony and rage– think of what, deep-down at heart, do you wish for the offenders.
  • Quite possibly, you wish that they learn from their own blunders, or even look for peace.
  • Pay attention to an optimistic thought in your search for forgiveness—your plan for that person who harmed you—and you will quicken the process of forgiveness as a result.
  • Say this affirmation repeatedly: “I put up with what has happened. I discharge you from my life at this moment.”

Be thankful for the things She/he Brought into Your Life

  • Down below the agony, there is definitely a life lesson to learn—search for whatever she/he taught you, and start focusing on that moral rather than the pain of the recollection.
  • Subsequent to a sexual assault, the moral/wisdom could be, to be more choosy or careful about whom you believe and whom you don’t, or to heed to your instinct more carefully and act judiciously when you have a genuine mistrust about someone.”

She/he Is Your Teacherforgive and forget

  • Every person and every little thing is a lesson, which signifies that the most difficult lessons produce the most difficult teachers.
  • Want to pardon a paternal or fraternal relation or ex-partner? Think about the lessons they taught you. May be they taught you to be true to yourself (when you were not), or that you ceased trusting in yourself or stopped taking proper care of yourself when you were in a partnership with them?
  • You have a lesson to learn from each and everything—when you understand how to become a better person; you perform better in life and emerge stronger.

Light Switch Method of Managing Resentment and Jealousy

  • Visualizing a light switch is excellent, and can be used each time you look for forgiveness.
  • Whenever feelings of rage pop in keep your eyes closed and visualize that light switch in the “off” mode. Now visualize shifting the light switch to “on,” and modify/alter the negative thought to be something good regarding the person, or what good thing she/he brought to your life.forgive and forget
  • Now slowly open your eyes, and feel more confident about yourself and happy about the alternatives you’ve chosen!

A Few Closing Words…

Forgiveness is not something which can take place instantly, but if you are committed to a positive mindset, saying prayers of thankfulness and acknowledging the positive elements in what they’ve done- rather than moving away from the reality of it- you will get to where forgive and forget is possible and painless. Utilize these recommendations to help you get there as fast as you are keen on it.