Finding True Love – 5 Top Visualizations

finding true loveYou want to find your true love and keep her/him as your lifelong soul mate, don’t you? Well, who wouldn’t want?

But did you know it’s all about effective use of mind-power tools that helps you manifest what exactly you want?

While choosing mind-power tools, visualizations are possibly the most effective in attracting lifelong love into your life.

Take advantage of the visualizations for finding true love as listed below and the methods for their effective use, to build a lasting relationship of passion and absolute love!

Finding True Love – Can Visualizations bring Success?

  • It’s always a positive way to train your mind by means of visualizations so as to eliminate negative thoughts and substitute them with a happy and positive mindset.
  • The assumption of visualizations is that thoughts, like any other physical thing, are true and influential. Therefore, when you envision and feel favorable things taking place in your daily life–in your office, home, health, and dreams–you can train yourself to trust in those thoughts.
  • The moment you begin to believe, the Cosmos start attracting toward you all the things you want!

Visualization #1 – The Awareness of Lovefinding true love

  • Keep your eyes closed and breathe in and out ten times. Concentrate on your breathing, and as thoughts occur in your brain, welcome them in and allow them to go away. (You may also tell them “Thanks, but no thanks!”)
  • Visualize the feel love brings you—not the feel you are used to, but what it actually feels like in your ideal mind. Is it genuine love that binds two souls together? Is it ecstasy, delight and amazement? Does it feel like everything falling in its place perfectly, and all is peaceful and serene?
  • Concentrate as long as you can on those emotions love brings you. Hold them in your thoughts for up to a minute

Visualization #2 – The Ball of Light

  • Keep your eyes closed, and breathe in and out deeply.
  • Visualize a picture of you standing huge, positive and happy with lots of success.
  • Visualize a snowy light surrounding you. The light dazzles, sparkles and moves gently, encircling you with bliss, security and happiness.
  • Focus on the feeling that love is surrounding you, and streams from the inside of you.

Visualization #3 – The Places You’ll Go!finding true love

  • Repeat this statement as many times a day as you can—“I am free and keen on meeting the best One for me. Until such time I meet her or him, I will do all I possibly can, to make me the best One for her/him.”
  • Keep your eyes closed, and concentrate on the numerous locations you will go along with your potential love. If you wish to go to Paris, visualize what it will feel like to click photos together outside the Louvre, or reach the Eiffel Tower.
  • The more things you could visualize, the harder you are trying to set up a unique reality for yourself—of an adventurous, fascinating relationship that is on the way!

Visualization #4 – The Home You Will Own and Reside In

  • Your house turns into a home with the ideal partner—how is it going to appear?
  • Be precise on the details—visualize the timber, the cupboards, the shade for the rooms, including the design for the living area, master bedroom and kitchen area.
  • Visualize shifting from room to room and enjoying perfect luxury and pleasure living there. Continue to keep that feeling as long as you can—at least a few minutes for effective results.

Visualization #5 – The Household You Will Maintainfinding true love

  • Your family unit is just what you actually create—begin with a sensible attitude as to what you desire and you will manifest it.
  • Keep your eyes closed, and visualize your potential family.
  • Is your home hectic with many different residents, or perhaps small and peaceful?
  • Do you have animals, or do only men and women stay in your residence? What does the dinner time discussion look like?
  • Come up with as much information in your mind about your potential family unit as possible, to ensure that it becomes a real possibility in your life.

A Few Closing Words…

These types of visualizations for finding true love can be carried out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Are you desperate for a love in your life?

The more visualization you do, the more the Cosmos will answer to your communications and send out just what you have asked for! Until it happens, delight in every minute of visualizing what your real life will turn out to be—it’s worth every minute.