Benefits of Meditation in Joy and Wealth

benefits of meditationBenefits of meditation include, among many positive effects, your inner peace and total fitness.

Regardless of whether you want to feel great about your body or discover an alternative way to unwind after a tough day at the workplace, you can always rely upon a few meditations.

The following are some good meditations for joy and wealth and when you practice, will get you wonderful results!

Benefits of Meditation in Enhancing Happiness!

  • Happiness is all about your capacity to experience the ecstatic feelings and discover satisfaction, happiness, and credence in both you and your life.
  • You will get greater joy, all by trying to find it from the inside rather than outside the body.
  • Permanent joy is not achieved by hitting the shopping malls for bargain hunting or in a lavish cruise. You’ll find it in how gratified you are with yourself, your appreciation of what you have, and the relatives and friends you look for and have by your side.

Meditation #1 – The Beachbenefits of meditation

  • Keep your eyes closed, and take a deep breath both in and out.
  • When you gently breathe out, just imagine removing your footwear and slowly digging your feet through the smooth silky sands of the seaside.
  • Walk a few steps toward the sea—feel the smell of the seawater, look up to watch and admire the flight of seagulls overhead, and experience the sun showering its love over you.
  • Rest and relax under your colorful umbrella, and soak in at the sight of the surge of wave. Say to yourself that you are in peace and surrounded by absolute love, just like you’re in the midst of the ocean’s charm at the moment.
  • Visualize that, right at this moment, you are filled with loads of riches, and as soon as you arise out of this visualization, the “riches” will stay—through numerous streams of income, surprising origins, and even total strangers who trust in you.

Meditation #2 – The Forestbenefits of meditation

  • Keep your eyes closed and lie down while breathing in and out gently and deeply.
  • Imagine a graphic visual of a natural environment preferably a forest, and stroll gently by the woodland —you’re all alone besides the wild birds chirping, tweeting and singing and the squirrels munching out along the way close to you.
  • Delight in each step, and with your gentle stroll along the path, say this repeatedly: “Whatever I need to uncover is within me.”
  • Take pleasure in the sun pouring upon your uncovered skin, and observe the magnificent redwood trees, kissing the sky. Consume every single minute, and discover the joy which already exists in you.

Meditation #3 – The Empty Boxbenefits of meditation

  • Sit down in a relaxed manner, keep your eyes closed and breathe in and out, gently and deeply.
  • Visualize the presence of an empty box before you—keep it open, and start dropping all stuff, one after the other, into the box.
  • The stuff you drop are the terrifying feelings which are pulling you down—for instance, doubts you may have regarding the future, debts, due dates, the burden that parenting causes you, such “unanswerable” questions that you need to find answers, etc.
  • Now, visualize and feel the relief that every object cast into the box can bring you. Visualize feeling easier and lighter with each item which is removed off you and stored inside the box—repeat until you are fully relieved and the box is totally full.
  • Slowly open your eyes and say this: “Every bit of the burden is now removed off my shoulders. I may spend the rest of my day with relief, bliss and joy. This is my birth right, and I acknowledge it as reality.”

A Few Closing Words …

When you need to improve your joy, it is always a great idea to sit down in a quiet place, take deep breath in and out, and fathom the depths of yourself—where real joy exists.

The above three practices will bring you all the benefits of meditation and as a result happiness in life and financial success as well. You will also learn the art of living life one moment at a time. Enjoy your current moment, and your current breath!

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