Authentic Self -Are You Your Real Self?

authentic selfAre You Your Authentic Self? Do you have the real freedom to do what you want to do? Or, perhaps you feel like a puppet in the hands of others, taking commands to do things for their growth?

Do you want, over your lifetime, to change, transform and evolve?

Remain true to yourself along the way by making use of the following suggestions and tips for a contented, happy and peaceful life.

The Little Things about Living an Authentic Life

  • “I am a doctor” is the right answer for the question “What are you?” but not “Who are you?” In other words, what you do is not the same thing as who you are. Roles like mother or father, lawyer or student, that you take on in life can feel like they are who you are, but in reality, you are different from all of that—it is an aspect of you, but not who you are.authentic self
  • The authentic life is all about the choices you make, as well as your knowledge, skills, interests, and those exclusive methods you choose to communicate.
  • An authentic life is the way you choose to live your life by listening to your intuition, and do what you believe right, not taking into consideration what others have to say about it.
  • Focus on doing things which makes you feel like you have a sense of freedom and what matches with your lifestyle—not what your parents like you to, or the society wants you to.

Your Real Self vs. Your Imaginary Self

  • Real self represents your core personality or the real person you are, deep down on you. (Caring, compassionate, ability to uncover the best in others, etc.).
  • Imaginary Self – What various people want you to do or emerge as, or what you have made up your mind you “should” become. It can be a position, such as a professor, mother, partner or medical doctor. It can be anything you don’t feel satisfied doing at all, and therefore stops you from living the life you think is ideal to you.

Figure out the Unique Talents That Make You Who You Are

  • What is your childhood passion? Playing football, acting in shows, dramas or working out methods to construct tall complexes made with Legos? Anything you adored doing as a child is usually the strongest motivation you really own, and what you love to do even now.authentic self
  • Create a list of all of your objectives (large and small) and small strategies to achieve them. If your mission/passion is to become an artist rather than being employed as a customer service officer, focus on little, doable things you can do right this moment to make that happen.
  • What qualities make you different from everyone else? Highlight on this list, and remind yourself of it on a daily basis—as you do, it will build self-belief as well as a craving to live that life.

Focus on What You Can and Will Do to Achieve Your Goals

  • There is, usually, a specific thing you can be doing. If you become “stuck” on your present way and would like to have a more sincere way of living your life, think about a weekly goal.
  • When a modest goal becomes a reality, put together a strategy for a greater objective, etc.

Pursue Creative Interests, and Make Them Part of Your Lifeauthentic self

  • Ask yourself: “What is my passion? What gives me the real feel of life? What actions make me feel full of energy? And what job makes me feel de-motivated and weak? ”
  • Focus on trying out new hobbies—drawing, cooking, music, photography, a business study, etc. Review the new hobbies and discover what delights you!

A Few Concluding Words…

Therefore, are you your authentic self? Your authentic self is like a fingerprint that sets you apart as a unique person, totally different from all other individuals, in the world and identifies you, matchless.

Focus on things that are relevant to you and what your passions are, to be able to keep going forward in an authentic way.


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