Forgive and Forget – Is it Possible?

forgive and forgetAlthough you will possibly not forget the agony that a person or an incident has brought you, it is practically possible to forgive. Tolerance and compassion are important for your own personal progress and development as a human being, and also beneficial to the one who harmed you. Before we examine whether it is possible to forgive and forget let us first find out what forgiveness actually means, and how to discover your ability to forgive, to make sure you bring more joy into your life.

What we mean forgive and forget?

  • Forgiveness is your gifted skill to totally endure a person’s bad behavior; to release the fury, bitterness, and hatred; to bid farewell to thoughts of negativism and welcome the easier and more joyful lifestyle.

Determine Your Intention for Those Who Hurt Youforgive and forget

  • A lot of people waste decades, retaining the wounds and aches of yesteryear, and looking for retaliation over whoever has harmed them, deceived them or despised them.
  • Have a positive emphasis on your intention—setting apart the agony and rage– think of what, deep-down at heart, do you wish for the offenders.
  • Quite possibly, you wish that they learn from their own blunders, or even look for peace.
  • Pay attention to an optimistic thought in your search for forgiveness—your plan for that person who harmed you—and you will quicken the process of forgiveness as a result.
  • Say this affirmation repeatedly: “I put up with what has happened. I discharge you from my life at this moment.”

Be thankful for the things She/he Brought into Your Life

  • Down below the agony, there is definitely a life lesson to learn—search for whatever she/he taught you, and start focusing on that moral rather than the pain of the recollection.
  • Subsequent to a sexual assault, the moral/wisdom could be, to be more choosy or careful about whom you believe and whom you don’t, or to heed to your instinct more carefully and act judiciously when you have a genuine mistrust about someone.”

She/he Is Your Teacherforgive and forget

  • Every person and every little thing is a lesson, which signifies that the most difficult lessons produce the most difficult teachers.
  • Want to pardon a paternal or fraternal relation or ex-partner? Think about the lessons they taught you. May be they taught you to be true to yourself (when you were not), or that you ceased trusting in yourself or stopped taking proper care of yourself when you were in a partnership with them?
  • You have a lesson to learn from each and everything—when you understand how to become a better person; you perform better in life and emerge stronger.

Light Switch Method of Managing Resentment and Jealousy

  • Visualizing a light switch is excellent, and can be used each time you look for forgiveness.
  • Whenever feelings of rage pop in keep your eyes closed and visualize that light switch in the “off” mode. Now visualize shifting the light switch to “on,” and modify/alter the negative thought to be something good regarding the person, or what good thing she/he brought to your life.forgive and forget
  • Now slowly open your eyes, and feel more confident about yourself and happy about the alternatives you’ve chosen!

A Few Closing Words…

Forgiveness is not something which can take place instantly, but if you are committed to a positive mindset, saying prayers of thankfulness and acknowledging the positive elements in what they’ve done- rather than moving away from the reality of it- you will get to where forgive and forget is possible and painless. Utilize these recommendations to help you get there as fast as you are keen on it.


Finding True Love – 5 Top Visualizations

finding true loveYou want to find your true love and keep her/him as your lifelong soul mate, don’t you? Well, who wouldn’t want?

But did you know it’s all about effective use of mind-power tools that helps you manifest what exactly you want?

While choosing mind-power tools, visualizations are possibly the most effective in attracting lifelong love into your life.

Take advantage of the visualizations for finding true love as listed below and the methods for their effective use, to build a lasting relationship of passion and absolute love!

Finding True Love – Can Visualizations bring Success?

  • It’s always a positive way to train your mind by means of visualizations so as to eliminate negative thoughts and substitute them with a happy and positive mindset.
  • The assumption of visualizations is that thoughts, like any other physical thing, are true and influential. Therefore, when you envision and feel favorable things taking place in your daily life–in your office, home, health, and dreams–you can train yourself to trust in those thoughts.
  • The moment you begin to believe, the Cosmos start attracting toward you all the things you want!

Visualization #1 – The Awareness of Lovefinding true love

  • Keep your eyes closed and breathe in and out ten times. Concentrate on your breathing, and as thoughts occur in your brain, welcome them in and allow them to go away. (You may also tell them “Thanks, but no thanks!”)
  • Visualize the feel love brings you—not the feel you are used to, but what it actually feels like in your ideal mind. Is it genuine love that binds two souls together? Is it ecstasy, delight and amazement? Does it feel like everything falling in its place perfectly, and all is peaceful and serene?
  • Concentrate as long as you can on those emotions love brings you. Hold them in your thoughts for up to a minute

Visualization #2 – The Ball of Light

  • Keep your eyes closed, and breathe in and out deeply.
  • Visualize a picture of you standing huge, positive and happy with lots of success.
  • Visualize a snowy light surrounding you. The light dazzles, sparkles and moves gently, encircling you with bliss, security and happiness.
  • Focus on the feeling that love is surrounding you, and streams from the inside of you.

Visualization #3 – The Places You’ll Go!finding true love

  • Repeat this statement as many times a day as you can—“I am free and keen on meeting the best One for me. Until such time I meet her or him, I will do all I possibly can, to make me the best One for her/him.”
  • Keep your eyes closed, and concentrate on the numerous locations you will go along with your potential love. If you wish to go to Paris, visualize what it will feel like to click photos together outside the Louvre, or reach the Eiffel Tower.
  • The more things you could visualize, the harder you are trying to set up a unique reality for yourself—of an adventurous, fascinating relationship that is on the way!

Visualization #4 – The Home You Will Own and Reside In

  • Your house turns into a home with the ideal partner—how is it going to appear?
  • Be precise on the details—visualize the timber, the cupboards, the shade for the rooms, including the design for the living area, master bedroom and kitchen area.
  • Visualize shifting from room to room and enjoying perfect luxury and pleasure living there. Continue to keep that feeling as long as you can—at least a few minutes for effective results.

Visualization #5 – The Household You Will Maintainfinding true love

  • Your family unit is just what you actually create—begin with a sensible attitude as to what you desire and you will manifest it.
  • Keep your eyes closed, and visualize your potential family.
  • Is your home hectic with many different residents, or perhaps small and peaceful?
  • Do you have animals, or do only men and women stay in your residence? What does the dinner time discussion look like?
  • Come up with as much information in your mind about your potential family unit as possible, to ensure that it becomes a real possibility in your life.

A Few Closing Words…

These types of visualizations for finding true love can be carried out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Are you desperate for a love in your life?

The more visualization you do, the more the Cosmos will answer to your communications and send out just what you have asked for! Until it happens, delight in every minute of visualizing what your real life will turn out to be—it’s worth every minute.


Benefits of Meditation in Joy and Wealth

benefits of meditationBenefits of meditation include, among many positive effects, your inner peace and total fitness.

Regardless of whether you want to feel great about your body or discover an alternative way to unwind after a tough day at the workplace, you can always rely upon a few meditations.

The following are some good meditations for joy and wealth and when you practice, will get you wonderful results!

Benefits of Meditation in Enhancing Happiness!

  • Happiness is all about your capacity to experience the ecstatic feelings and discover satisfaction, happiness, and credence in both you and your life.
  • You will get greater joy, all by trying to find it from the inside rather than outside the body.
  • Permanent joy is not achieved by hitting the shopping malls for bargain hunting or in a lavish cruise. You’ll find it in how gratified you are with yourself, your appreciation of what you have, and the relatives and friends you look for and have by your side.

Meditation #1 – The Beachbenefits of meditation

  • Keep your eyes closed, and take a deep breath both in and out.
  • When you gently breathe out, just imagine removing your footwear and slowly digging your feet through the smooth silky sands of the seaside.
  • Walk a few steps toward the sea—feel the smell of the seawater, look up to watch and admire the flight of seagulls overhead, and experience the sun showering its love over you.
  • Rest and relax under your colorful umbrella, and soak in at the sight of the surge of wave. Say to yourself that you are in peace and surrounded by absolute love, just like you’re in the midst of the ocean’s charm at the moment.
  • Visualize that, right at this moment, you are filled with loads of riches, and as soon as you arise out of this visualization, the “riches” will stay—through numerous streams of income, surprising origins, and even total strangers who trust in you.

Meditation #2 – The Forestbenefits of meditation

  • Keep your eyes closed and lie down while breathing in and out gently and deeply.
  • Imagine a graphic visual of a natural environment preferably a forest, and stroll gently by the woodland —you’re all alone besides the wild birds chirping, tweeting and singing and the squirrels munching out along the way close to you.
  • Delight in each step, and with your gentle stroll along the path, say this repeatedly: “Whatever I need to uncover is within me.”
  • Take pleasure in the sun pouring upon your uncovered skin, and observe the magnificent redwood trees, kissing the sky. Consume every single minute, and discover the joy which already exists in you.

Meditation #3 – The Empty Boxbenefits of meditation

  • Sit down in a relaxed manner, keep your eyes closed and breathe in and out, gently and deeply.
  • Visualize the presence of an empty box before you—keep it open, and start dropping all stuff, one after the other, into the box.
  • The stuff you drop are the terrifying feelings which are pulling you down—for instance, doubts you may have regarding the future, debts, due dates, the burden that parenting causes you, such “unanswerable” questions that you need to find answers, etc.
  • Now, visualize and feel the relief that every object cast into the box can bring you. Visualize feeling easier and lighter with each item which is removed off you and stored inside the box—repeat until you are fully relieved and the box is totally full.
  • Slowly open your eyes and say this: “Every bit of the burden is now removed off my shoulders. I may spend the rest of my day with relief, bliss and joy. This is my birth right, and I acknowledge it as reality.”

A Few Closing Words …

When you need to improve your joy, it is always a great idea to sit down in a quiet place, take deep breath in and out, and fathom the depths of yourself—where real joy exists.

The above three practices will bring you all the benefits of meditation and as a result happiness in life and financial success as well. You will also learn the art of living life one moment at a time. Enjoy your current moment, and your current breath!

Watch and experience a ten minute guided meditation with Marlina Lee


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Live Without Regrets – 3 Easy Ways

live without regretsIt is quite possible that you are living your life regretting a number of things you did or failed to do, or didn’t have the guts to do. But such a life of regrets are certainly going to pull you down. It’s pretty natural, like all things in life, that you committed a few avoidable mistakes or didn’t take advantage of circumstances for fear of failure or thought it was not worth the risk. The following points will serve as good ways to live without regrets and at the same time the best way possible!

Live Without Regrets -What Does It Mean to Regret?

  • You are remorseful for certain things you failed to do or didn’t have the courage to do and spending your precious life wishing you without regrets
  • You are sorrowful about how you hurt a person’s heart or mistreated his/her trust. May be you are lamenting on any of the following: unfaithful to someone, not giving a second thought to a love, not utilizing a rare and exceptional career opportunity to your full advantage, or permitting a person or an incident to hold you back, as though you were frightened and frozen from the unfavorable results.

How to Tide Over Emotional Pain

  • Control is the key. Focus on what can you control at this point in time and what you can’t. Your health, an action of a boy or girl friend, your job security, how much you are able to save on a weekly basis, an ideal dinner— think about what is  in your control, what isn’ without regrets
  • Highlight your awareness on what you can have full control—your thoughts!
  • Go with this affirmation to remove the scars and proceed with your life after somebody has harmed you: “We have enjoyed some great days, and I don’t hold on to the painful moments any more. I’ve learned my vital lessons and you’ve been a crucial teacher in my life, and now it’s time to forget and let go. My best wishes to you.”
  • Reorganize certain things in your life—concentrate on doing something outside the tradition of your everyday life. In case you visit the same supermarket on alternate days, look for another one. Choose an alternative workout program designed to rejuvenate you, or try to become a vegetarian, if you have had that in your thoughts, but have had your own doubts whether you could really do it!

Ways to Seize the Day

  • Sing your favorite melody in the bathtub, and carry on while you drive! Singing your heart out is the best way to get released from any form of negative feeling you’re coping with. Singing gives you the best healing touch at the start of your day. Singing and laughing brings you a joyful, can-do mindset throughout the day!live without regrets
  • Dress to make a lasting impression. Focus on your attire. Try to look as great as you possibly can—then take it up a step further! Get a new hair style, buy a new suit for your office wear, and walk with poise and assurance.
  • Do something you thought was impossible for you. Visualize a scary, out of bounds situation and enjoy the experience of passing through it. Accept a challenging job with a steep learning curve, stiff target and deadline, or stop smoking just to observe the progress in your health and energy level.

A Few Last Words…

Sorrow or regret is common, but once you are in a position to think about unique and superior tactics to modify your thought process, your behavior and routines, you can totally eliminate the worry and anxiety. Take advantage of these ways to live without regrets, feel energized, build self-assurance and bravely design your own lifestyle!

Please watch the video and learn 40 other ways to live without regrets!


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True to Yourself -Are you on your Life Path?

true to yourselfHave you ever wondered whether you are true to yourself and your True Life’s Path? Are perhaps you are already on the chosen Life’s Path?

You first have to know that your true path has already been decided on, but chances are, you have still not uncovered. It is for you to rediscover your true path by focusing on your insight, your beliefs, your urges and your passions to be able to live a satisfactory and adequate life.

This article will benefit you in showing whether you are true to yourself and the ways to find your true life path and how to go about pursuing it.

What Is Your True Life Path?true to yourself

  • Your life isn’t just about involvement in a spiritual practice; your body is spiritual, but the life you are experiencing on Earth is more physical than spiritual.
  • What will be your experience? Are you going to stay true to yourself by fulfilling your feelings, desires and life work, intensifying your spiritual awareness, understanding how to respect yourself and your body, improving your talents and contributing your exceptional ability to the world?
  • Your life’s path is exclusively prearranged for you and you alone.
  • Your “path” is made up of persons, situations and circumstances that no one can select or manage but you. You can never judge other people for any of their action, since their “path” is unique for them, just like yours for you.

How to know whether you Stay True to Yourself?true to yourself

  • It’s only by practice you get to know the virtues and vices of the path you are on. Keep probing you by asking yourself what feels right and what feels wrong. Is doing that work making you feel satisfied and confident, or annoyed with worry?
  • If you have questions about your relationship or career, take time to meditate on the issue. Examine whether you’re making the right decision, and in an unsure situation, look for some direction. Take breaths in and out, and sit silent and still in a tranquil place and listen to the rhythm of your body and mind without interruption—meditate for 20-30 minutes.
  • What are your desires in life? Is it to start a business of your own and make it a success, or to enjoy a cruise? Meditate on the feelings associated with certain jobs/ businesses or lifestyle. What moods do they induce for you?

How to identify and react to the ‘Nudge’true to yourself

  • Whenever you go through a ‘nudge’—an experience, the fascination or thought that continues to pop up for you—this may mean that you have deviated slightly off your true life’s path, and that you are following the direction shown by the world.
  • Pay attention and act in response to those nudges. Keep watching for things that never feel quite right, or chains of repetition (certain places or things) that keep showing up. That’s a hint that you should get things moving up again, plus focus on anything specific that you have been neglecting!

Find pleasure in Doing the Dishes (and Every Other Moment)true to yourself

  • Discover your real joy in life by engaging in the little things of your day— responding to emails, cleaning, or doing the dishes, driving home…
  • It’s mostly under your control, regardless of whether you adhere to your true life’s path or not.
  • Make improvements to your thoughts by declaring positive affirmations every day, such as “I am on my life’s path, and find joy in every moment of it!”

A Few concluding Words…

When you focus your attention, specify your objectives and remain true to yourself in an optimistic frame of mind you will figure out the ways to find your true life path. Your life will be simple to pursue and you will live without regrets. You will earn the amount of money you need by doing what you enjoy and live a life of encouragement as well as gratification in the process.


How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes | Adam Leipzig |


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Positive Attitude – 14 Great Tips

positive attitudePositive attitude is essential if you wish to discover lasting happiness.

You don’t find your joy in all those stuff the world has to offer you, but your thoughts or opinions about yourself that transform your world.

Therefore, think about what are your actions going to be in this regard.

Take advantage of the tips for positive attitude below and you will feel better about yourself and the world you live in, and eventually establish a heavenly, wonderful and delightful life!

  1. Whistle a Happy Song Whenever Something Pulls You Down!

  • The moment you are anxious, upset or overwhelmed with a person’s adverse reaction to anything you have mentioned or done, think of a music which makes you joyful and play it instantly in your mind!
  • This can be any music that raises thoughts of delight, joy and amusement. Try a song that you enjoyed as a child and it will bring back your happiness.
  • This tactic has the capacity to turn your mood from irritable to gladness instantly!
  1. Recap Things You Are Grateful for—Morning, Midday and Evening

  • Write down a list of a minimum of ten things you are indebted to and reminisce over them early morning first, and then at night just before sleeping.
  • Take time to offer thanks for every single thing, both big and small, you own in your life that you adore and want to have more!
  1. Stroll Outdoorspositive attitude

  • Studies reveal that doing slight work out, such as a brisk walk in the open air, is the greatest and heartiest mood enhancer out there!
  • Plunge yourself in the harmony of nature—go to someplace like a woodland or a country side reserve or resort that will provide you a lot of clean air and scenic surroundings.
  1. Breathe in and out deeply

  • Deep breathing can enhance blood flow, reduce anxiety, boost brain function, and stimulate your mood dramatically.
  • Enhance your perspective by keeping your eyes closed, breathing in for a few seconds, and breathing out. An appropriate deep breathing exercise involves stuffing your stomach up, like inflating a balloon, as opposed to taking light breathing which just wiggles the chest and shoulders.
  1. Smile

  • A lesser number of muscle tissues are used while you smile than when you scowl, so smile more!
  • Smiling can help lifting your mood immediately, and your smile can brighten up another person’s mood as well.
  1. Make Someone Laughpositive attitude

  • Laugh as though this minute is the only one that matters!
  • Think about the relief that laughter produces—it has the potential to heal almost everything, from anxiety to sickness.
  1. Volunteer

  • Take a few steps outside of yourself and your personal feelings—help another person in need rather!
  • Teach inner city kids, make available your services at the community library, help a patient in the hospital—anything that invokes interest and passion in you is an awesome idea, and helps other people massively.
  1. Give up Your Seat on the Train or Bus

  • Performing an occasional act of kindness for someone straightaway transforms your mood!
  • Offer someone your seat on the bus, and feel good within yourself and enjoy the glow in the face of that person.
  1. Watch Children Play

  • Observe kids frequently. They are the heart and soul of delight, joy, and harmony, remaining in the present and doing what they love minute to minute!
  • Tell them a tale, ask a few questions, and delight in the moment with their presence, as they can let you know what positive mindset is all about!
  1. Tell Yourself That This Moment Is the Only One You Havepositive attitude

  • Bear in mind that being worried about the past or apprehensive about the things to come doesn’t do anything good for the current moment—you have no control over the past, just control this moment.
  • Your thoughts are crucial to your comfort and joy. Focus on your thoughts of this moment, and subsequently you will find everything in order.
  1. Pursue a New Hobby (and Discover a New Passion You Didn’t Know You Had)

  • Apply your artistic thoughts to something new—artwork, training kids to play the piano, baking delicious brownies, creative writing, etc.
  • Delight in uncovering an element of yourself you never knew about before!
  1. Prepare Bagged Lunches and Give Them Out to the Homeless

  • Random acts of kindness can sharpen your attitude on life, automatically.
  • Visualize on getting the big picture; nothing does that as rapidly as taking care of people in need.
  • Locate a home for the homeless, or go to the nearby homeless park and distribute handmade meals stuffed with sandwiches, oranges, fluid, and a sweet snack.positive attitude
  1. Run Your Heart Out

  • Try, if you want, a permitted dose of mood enhancer!
  • Take to running for about 45 minutes three times a week, and rotate your speed from a quick walk to sprint to jog at a space of about 90 seconds each.
  1. Journal about Your Week

  • This offers you some time to ponder—a fantastic way to cool down, sort out problems that could be in store, or write things in your own style to express yourself in a natural manner.
  • Write on an old diary, exercise book or anything you can lay your hand or buy a new journal; add in images such as old photos, pictures from periodicals, etc. to enhance it. Highlight on emotions, circumstances as well as objectives.

A Few Last Words…

As frequently as negativity encircles you, and as hectic as your life may be, all it truly takes to possess an optimistic mentality in life is a smile, a few random acts of love, and re-centering yourself to enjoy the current moment. Turn into a happier person instantly by utilizing all the above tips for positive attitude and optimistic outlook in your life and you’ll discover the world as what it surely is—gorgeous, glorious as well as a good place to live in!

Habits of Happy People

Habits of Happy PeopleHappiness relates to the feelings of delight, amazement and gratification from your inner self, therefore ignore joys from outside and focus your attention on what’s inside for eternal happiness. Concentrate on your ability to become more content and happy in life than you ever dreamed you could be and love and delight in your life to the maximum! Here are 10 habits of happy people.

  1. This Particular Minute Is All You Have

  • Avoid all thoughts and concerns about the past, or fearing about the future—think about today, and only today.
  • You have no control over what’s going to happen a few hours from now—delight in the tiny things of your day like drinking a good cup of tea, speaking with your loved ones, and going through your daily schedule without hassles.
  • This moment is just where the happiness actually is—how joyful you’re going to be in that single moment is all up to you!
  1. Habits of Happy People – Be Thankful for every Minute

  • If ‘enjoying the moment’ is difficult for you, think about what this moment signifies–your good health, a good place to live in, a feel of your sanctity, a fascinating opportunity to hope for …be thankful for all.Habits of Happy People
  • Offer your gratitude for each minute—that will draw in a lot more great things in the future!
  1. Identify and Focus on Your “Happy Place”

  • The amazing beach resort, a peaceful home, a live performance conducted by your most loved music group—choose your special ‘happy place’ and divert your energy and attitude towards an element that enables you to feel well!
  • Your “happy place” is your unique choice—a man or woman, destination or factor that enhances your self-belief and confidence in yourself.
  • Imagine being in your happy place, and accept the whole thing it gives you. Say this affirmation and repeat all through your day, “I carry love, harmony and forgiveness alongside me all over the place I go.”
  1. Bear in mind That You Can’t Control Much—Other Than Your Thoughts

  • You have no control on what others do—never attach yourself to what others can or can’t offer you, as only you can provide yourself joy.
  • Manage your mind with positive affirmations and meditations. “I can make the ideal world for myself as I see fit, and it looks like this …”
  1. Get Energized Like a Baby DoesHabits of Happy People

  • Life is too challenging in these modern times? Go down on the floor, and imitate what a child talks about and the way he or she looks at our world.
  • Make fun of the things like kids do, and be absurd just for the sake of it
  • Do this: Lie down in the garden on your back, and look up at the trees and heavens and enjoy how funny the world looks from this position!
  1. Engage Your Dog on a Walk (and for a change Let Him Lead!)

  • Dogs can be your mood changer. If you are a dog lover and have one, it is not a bad idea to take him/her for a walk and let this time be the dog’s turn to lead you. Enjoy the adventure.
  • Trail wherever the dog goes, and note what all the dog does, the flowers the dog loves, the hill he/she climbs and if you can, take a couple of pictures. Experience a real escape from your monotony.
  1. Contribute Your Time for a friend or a Cause

  • Devoting your time to and helping others bring you instant happiness.
  • Throw in your contribution to a cause you adore—smile, and become familiar with the folks you’re lending a hand. Inquire about their lives and issues, if any; let them know you care for them.
  • Take pride in being able to make a difference in somebody’s life, and put together a monthly commitment or whatever you are able to carve out from your schedule.
  • Repeat this statement: “I create a transformation in the lives of people I come into contact with, and they make a difference in mine.”
  1. Finger Paint an instinctive art

  • Paint with your hands, particularly fingers, alone.Habits of Happy People
  • Come out with your instincts, and rely on the practice of finger painting. Feel free and communicate your mind through a combination of a perfect variety of colors!
  • Feel totally free and observe no “rules” for coloring. Just spontaneously glide your fingers into the paint, and draw as you please.
  1. Write Your Heart Out

  • Worried and stressed out? If it’s because of a certain individual (a tough boss, indifferent boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.) Pen down a mock letter (which you will not be sending).
  • Note down spontaneously, with no hesitations about what you have to say.
  • Don’t change or edit the content—the very act of writing can be a fantastic way to eliminate harmful thoughts that thwart happiness.
  • Once the letter is fully written, read it out loud and then destroy.
  1. Learn your Family HistoryHabits of Happy People

  • Dig into your family history with the help of elders in your family. Your grandparent of or uncle/ aunt should be able to recall memories of early life or enthralling phases of history.
  • Learn about your family origin, and what viewpoint the senior family constituents have about stuffs you never got to experience yourself. This is a super way to study about them, yourself and the world.
  • Acquire a new viewpoint by taking note of their accounts, and increase your own delight and gratitude.

A Few Last Words…

Happiness is all about the spirit and mood you produce within. Take a cue from the habits of happy people enumerated above and focus on catching up with kinsfolk & relatives, giving back to your society and taking the time to have a child’s viewpoint. Once you do, you’re sure to see that you hold the control over your own happiness!

How to Find Inner Peace in 15 steps

How to Find Inner Peace in 15 stepsAre you a person who always thinks “I am not at peace with myself”?

If so,the chief reason why you feel out of place in this world is that you are unable to keep peace with your own self.  Why not revisit your mindset, and bring about a sea change in your life and be able to transform your appearance, awareness and thought process?

Learn here how to find inner peace in 15 steps and be at peace with yourself  like you were never before.

  1. Do You Eat Junk Food?

  • Processed foods, as revealed by studies, are rich in sugar and carbohydrate, which ruin your health in the long run, resulting in sugar crash and emotional deflation.
  • Eat plenty of nuts, berries, water and lean proteins which are rich in nutrition and boost your energy level. Focus on complex carbs too.
  1. How to Find Inner Peace -Learn from the Mistakes of the Past

  • You are living on your memories of yesterday, worrying over the mistakes of the past. You are not living your life in the present.
  • Accept the things of the past and your blunders, though it’s your mistake. Let go the past. Think about the future and resolve to do things differently.How to Find Inner Peace in 15 steps
  • Hurt by someone? Don’t keep worrying over, but take courage to accept it and move on. Holding on to the pain of the past will only affect your happiness of today—not of the one who caused it.
  1. Do You Worry and Fear Things Will Never Change?

  • Be it the stress of your office, your emotions or circumstances– nothing will last forever. They vanish with time.
  • Time heals everything—it may be painful right now, but realize and remember, it is not going to be this way forever. You will go through this moment which will pass, just like any other moment!
  1. Have a Self-Care Routine in place

  • Take care of yourself first, only then you will be in a position to take care of others.
  • Your main focus of the morning—what can you do to sustain yourself?
  • Taking plenty of water, relaxing in silence, enjoying a meditation session, taking a nutritious breakfast, taking some time to plan & set goals and reflecting are all awesome ways to take care of yourself!


  1. Don’t  Worry about What Others Think

  • It is pointless to worry about what others think and do. Has it anything to do with you?
  • Focus not on the path and lifestyle of anyone else but only yours, in order to optimize your own happiness. Do what you love, and never allow what others say to bother you.

 6)  Move out of Your Comfort Zone

  • Make it a point to do something or some activity, on a daily basis, that scares you (just a little bit!)
  • Try various new things-a new activity, camping outdoor, trekking, mountaineering and things like that. You may explore a new career option which excites you as well.
  1. Do You have an Overload of Work?How to Find Inner Peace in 15 steps

  • Too much of work for too little wages is an important reason for stress, depression, and feeling bogged down in general.
  • An acceptable working condition, decent work schedule and two or at least one day weekly off–these are essential to keep you reasonably comfortable, happy and peaceful.
  1. Do You Go Outdoors or Exercise?

  • Outdoor activities are the best way to boost your inner peace. Engage yourself with walking, jogging, trekking, mountaineering sailing, kayaking—anything that takes you out into nature.
  • Enjoy the sounds, sights and smells, of nature, and have your drive and momentum restored and zest of life brought back.
  1. Don’t Spend Much Time on Reality TV

  • Reality TV shows are largely negative- gossip, foul language and catcalling. This doesn’t just attract a negative mindset into your life; it can impact your thoughts in similar ways.
  • Turn your TV off, at least a few hours before you go to bed, and restrict your time for TV to a maximum of two hours a day. Replace the time saved with outdoor activities or just reading.
  1. Looking For Perfection in You and Others?How to Find Inner Peace in 15 steps

  • Trying to find perfection is setting up your own failure—it makes it all difficult to enjoy the current moment, and takes away the opportunities or your potential to take advantage of them.
  • Highlight and make use of the good in people, places and things. Let things happen their own way.
  1. Be Able to Forgive Yourself

  • Compassion leads to forgiveness. Reconciliation makes forgiveness possible. You can reconcile with anyone when you first reconcile with yourself.
  • Take good care of yourself, make use of your ability to handle the little issues first and then go for bigger goals. Keep in good terms with your family and friends and enjoy their company.
  • Define and set goals for the issues you cannot control. Take time to grieve, if necessary, be thankful for things you are able to manage and leave the rest to time.
  1. Looking for Love, But can’t Find It?

  • Being single when you actually want to be in a relationship can be frustrating—but have hope things could change all around in no time!
  • When you are looking forward to a relationship, seize control! Allow yourself romantic thoughts, and you will start attracting love into your life.
  1. Taking Things Personally?How to Find Inner Peace in 15 steps

  • Other than what comes from you, nothing is personal.
  • For instance, if you are rejected by a publisher, it is not about you, it’s about the publisher and so is getting dumped by a lover and the same when you are blamed by your boss—it is all about their expectations, requirements, etc. …
  • Focus your attention on what really is personal—do anything that you ought to do to keep yourself satisfied with people, issues and the way you are, and forget about the rest.
  1. Taking all the Blame on Yourself?

  • Dissatisfaction in yourself is the main reason for taking all the blame on yourself—so why do it?
  • Concentrate on the issues you are able to control, for example, your health and your ability to meet work deadlines, and focus on what you can genuinely achieve. Leave the rest to time.
  1. Take Action on Things you Can Control

  • Focus on things you can take action, but you haven’t.
  • Don’t stay stuck and let the world overtake you. Set goals, however small it may be, take action and achieve one at a time and then start aiming at larger goals.

A Few Concluding Words…

When you ponder over the question how to find inner peace or why you are not at peace with yourself, the conclusion is this: Inner peace is indispensable for a joyful, satisfied life. Regardless of whether you want to turn out to be more established in your life, achieve better results or stay away from all blame games within your head, these 15 ideas will certainly get you there. Apply them on a regular basis, and dedicate to positive thinking and self-affirming thoughts.


Affirmations for Success–Do they Work?

affirmations for success

It is argued that thoughts are physical things. Assuming thoughts are things, then affirmations can be an effective way to improve the things in your life! Whether your aim is to transform the level of success in your relationship, your professional life or your spiritual thoughts, there is an ideal affirmation for anything that requires improvement.

Are affirmations for success truly effective? Yes they are! The following points will illustrate how.

How Affirmations for Success Work?

  • The purpose of relying on affirmations is to focus your thoughts on things under your control alone, and thereby, enhance your morale by gaining a positive attitude.
  • Let your thoughts be positive and purposeful. This can inspire you to get started, build self-belief and in addition lift what you believe you can do—and the moment you are convinced that you have the ability to accomplish certain things, you will definitely do it. Affirmations, therefore, enable your mind to receive exactly what you are looking for.affirmations for success
  • Affirmations may not do wonders. You may try them meticulously, but if you don’t make any changes in your lifestyle—for instance, you are using the affirmation “I am fit and slim” while helping yourself with plenty of sugar every day—you are not going to see any results. You need to help them in the process!
  • If your focus is on the results you are looking for, the affirmations you use may set the stage for things you will do and can do. It’s for you to take doable actions to quicken the process, and then experience all the good things that will create in you, as a result. Love, credence; feeling trims, becoming thin; feeling affluent and eventually getting rich!

Affirmations for Success of Your Love Lifeaffirmations for success

  • “Love exists in and around me. I am encircled by abundant love and I take love with me everywhere I go.”
  • “I am not all alone, and I am not lonesome. All my requirements are within me.”
  • “I am thankful for all the love that comes into my life, and smoothly so.”
  • “Every single thing I need in a spouse is in place for me.”

Affirmations for Success of Your Work Life

  • “I maintain total peace and understanding about my profession, and I am aware of the actions I have to take to reach my destination.”
  • “My manager and I understand each other, and have a wonderful communication style. My work colleagues and I connect together and work in harmony, and as we do, we all get rewarded.”affirmations for success
  • “I make my own ideal career with a professional work ethic, my natural-born abilities and attributes, and the creativity I have, to do what I love. All these demonstrate my credential to my manager and boss.”
  • “Every single day, my profession and possibilities for progress keep growing, and I welcome them and receive them into my life.”

Affirmations for Health and Wellness

  • “I am feeling young, lively, and energetic and have no worries about what aging can do to me. As I get up each morning feeling recharged, I acknowledge myself in all possible ways!”
  • “I am robust and healthy, and I enjoy the happiness that regular exercise brings me.”affirmations for success
  • “My system performs well as I dine on healthy foods and I affirm with confidence that I will never take junk food from now on.”
  • “I have total control over my body and I will not rely on fashion foods or gimmicky processed products to relieve my anxiety. I nourish myself in a sensible way, today and forever.”

A Few closing Words…

Focus your attention on affirmations for success designed to make it easier to overcome negative thoughts, enhance your joy, and discover an excellent solution to manage addiction, difficulties and hardship. Perform every affirmation in the early morning and just before bedtime in the evening. They produce results, and you’re going to witness a noticeable difference in your life instantly!

Best Affirmations Video for Wealth and Success


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Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed?

Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the BedDo you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? If you wake up from your bed in a bad mood, you are pretty much sure to face a day of challenges and hurdles from dawn to dusk. This write-up presents suggestions for greatly boosting your temperament, and how to take advantage of that.


Wake up on the Wrong Side of the Bed -Try Getting to Sleep Happy

  • Before going to bed, reflect on everything that happened in the day. When you do so and be thankful for all the good things, you will become peaceful, relaxed and stress-free in the morning.
  • This way you can boost the quality of sleep, enhance your efficiency for the following days’ routine, ensure an increased level of energy the next day, and even enable you to make better food selections and eating. Whereas, when you are in a bad mood, stressed or depressed, as studies show, you tend to eat more of high- sugar or high-carb foods.Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

You Should Ensure a Consistent Nighttime Schedule

  • Concentrate on a stiff night time routine to ensure that you will constantly feel rejuvenated and wake up fresh in the morning as well.
  • Begin to sleep at least an hour ahead of your usual time, and get up early by an hour. If you generally go to sleep by 10 pm, go by 9 pm, etc.
  • Turn your night hours into a quality time, instead of just “zoning out” watching a TV show.
  • Switch over to a personalized routine, and enjoy something which de-stresses you therefore you won’t ever go to sleep irritated. Consider a pastime that lets you cool down and unwind.

Try some Nighttime Rituals for Increasing Your Chances of Waking up HappyWake Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

  • Plan a write up or a blog post, take a bubble bath, or play some relaxation or classical music.
  • TV time to end at least an hour before bedtime.
  • If you are a good cook and love home food, be sure you finish eating at least a few hours earlier to bedtime as late dinner may cause insomnia.
  • Have a bath, and imagine the fresh, clean water that goes surging down on your back and neck as restoring you from all your stress and anxiety. As you wash yourself clean, visualize the dirt and grime getting cleansed of your body as the strain, weight and stress of your day dipping down the drain pipe, and at the same time, getting rejuvenated as well as revitalized.
  • Make it a routine to read something positive ahead of bedtime and forget about late-night TV.
  • Apply some drops of your favorite soothing fragrance on the pillow, like lavender, lemon or eucalyptus.Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed
  • Keep away from whatever papers, related to your work which have found their way into your bedroom. They have no place in the bedroom! Keep anything related to your workplace, including your mobile phone which may have office emails or messages, in a selected place in your home; if no such place, have them safe in your briefcase. Studies reveal that doing office work in bed room elevates anxiety, and if you are creating a practice of checking or composing email messages late at night, you have rarely turned yourself “off” from the anxiety and providing yourself a chance to relax, rest and rewind.

A Few Concluding Words…

When you organize your day for success by employing a positive attitude and providing yourself a dedicated night time schedule that will help you relax, meditate and reflect, you’ll ensure you don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Implement these pointers to be able to wake up happy, gracious and joyful each and every morning!